You will fail, there will be setbacks, you will be knocked down, you will be defeated. Those are facts but, you can put these occurrences in perspective.  Big picture, the odds of you waking up in a bed in this country with the opportunities you have had laid in front of you when compared to the rest of the world are as unlikely as winning the lottery, so start with gratitude because that shit is crazy.   Set backs or “failures” shouldn’t be able to take you down amidst a back drop of gratitude. You should instead be able to take the opportunity to sit back and look for a new approach to the challenge that’s in front of you.  View it as a new opportunity to excel, to reexamine and approach whats ahead, to come back stronger, and show yourself that it will take more than a hiccup to stop you from achieving.   As much as all of this sounds like all the shit you have heard and all the memes you read on positive self talk, this is about internalizing this information and putting it into practice as habit until it becomes a naturally occurring behavior.  The problem is, most people, instead of actually taking action, read these types of things and get hyped for 10 min before spiraling back to negativity or anxiety, then its back to cruising social media for positive self talk memes to get them through the rest of their day.  So give that anxiety a couple minutes then, quit wasting your time, get your shit together and get back to crushing life.