A Contract may be cancelled by the Client without penalty within 3 business days, exclusive of holidays and weekends, from the Contract Date and receive a refund of all payments made to the Business except the Business may retain an amount computed by dividing the number of occasions services are to be rendered into the total Contract price and multiplying the result by the number of occasions that services have been rendered. A refund shall be issued within 30 days after receipt of the notice of cancellation made within the 3 days.

This Contract may be cancelled if this Business moves or goes out of business and fails to provide within 30 days alternate facilities of equal quality within 5 miles of the location designated in this Contract at no additional cost to Buyer.

Any notice of intent to cancel by the Client shall be given in writing with a minimum 30 days notice to Kevin Moore Fitness, LLC, d/b/a Rack Star CrossFit. Failure to provide 30 days notice will result in charges equalling 30 days of membership at current membership rate. Should you be on a contract extending beyond a month to month ie; 6 month, 12 month, and you notify the Business of cancellation you are obligated to pay half of the remaining payments of the contract due immediately upon cancellation.  Such a notice of cancellation from the Client shall also terminate automatically the consumer’s obligation to any entity to whom Kevin Moore Fitness, LLC, d/b/a Rack Star CrossFit has subrogated or assigned the consumer’s Contract. If Kevin Moore Fitness, LLC, d/b/a Rack Star CrossFit wishes to enforce such Contract after receipt of such cancellation, it may request the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to determine the sufficiency of the cancellation.


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