The majority of the people in this gym have an hour a day to make the most of their fitness.  It’s up to you to spend that hour creating habits of total effort.  From the minute you walk in the door you should be thinking of what you can do to maximize your time here.  If you’re 10 minutes early, what could you spend that 10 minutes doing? It’s up to you to decide on sitting down or working toward your goals.  Don’t have double unders? Grab a rope. Don’t have a perfect squat? Fix your ankles, work on your bottom position, mobilize.  Missing toes to bar? Put your drills to use.  Your effort in will be equal to your product out and unfortunately it takes more than just showing up to be great.  To be great is to form habits that create greatness.  So when you show up create a habit of total effort so that when you leave here you can tell yourself, you did everything you needed to today, without any doubt and you will show up tomorrow and do it again.